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Life's Story 2 DVD
A totally unique set of wildlife programs illustrating, among many scientific facts, how symbiosi..
Biblical Conflict Resolution
Biblical Conflict Resolution: Maintaining and Growing Love, Unity, and Peace within the Family an..
Amazing Animals of Alaska Vol 3 DVD
Come and join Dr. Jobe Martin and his friends, Buddy Davis, Dr. Jim Johnson, Micah Bowman, and Da..
Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution 1 DVD
The Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution Series enters the fascinating world of animals to re..
Amazing Creatures that Proclaim Creation: Marvels of God’s Handiwork
This is a power-packed interview of Dr. Jobe Martin as he shares some of his very favorite creatu..
Epic Battles of the Bible
Can the biblical books of Genesis and Revelation be trusted as truth? Find out as Tim Moore and N..
Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution 2 DVD
This program answers the following questions: - How can birds navigate over thousands of miles ..
God’s Environmental Cleanup Systems
Join David Rives as he interviews Dr. Jobe Martin talking about the incredible and miraculous way..
Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution 3 DVD
This program answers the following questions: - What kind of bird can kill a lion with a single..
God’s Living Treasures: Amazing Animals of Alaska
Come join Dr. Jobe Martin and his friends on an exciting expedition to Alaska where you will lear..
What God Says About... DVD
Over  two hours long, What God Says About . . . is a seminar, filmed in England, dealing wit..
Creation Evangelism DVD
Do you enjoy telling others about God's creation, yet are you uncertain about how to segue from c..
God of Wonders DVD
The God of Wonders DVD is full of fabulous photography which is awesome in scope with a creation ..
Teaching Your Children to Love Jesus
Many parents wonder about the following questions: Does teen rebellion have to be an "exp..
Young Ladies Mini-Conference DVD set
Biblical Discipleship Ministries presents a Young Ladies Mini-Conference: Realizing the Delight i..
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